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I had a lot of time to think of the holidays. My phone broke and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to take a social media break. I had always thought to myself that it was something I could never do because I was so addicted to everyone else’s social life. But in the end it wasn’t hard at all. I was more focused on my family and felt like I had a weight off my shoulders. I needed this break to get my head on straight, to think about the future, but most importantly enjoy the present. Apart from spending time with my family I listened to loads of different music and I binged watched Jersey Shore.

I chose this song because of the lyrics, feelings, memories, and people attached to this song.

“You said this would be your year,
But you fucked around, now December is here
You must be one of the dreamers

Every year I hear this song over and over again, each day closer to December. Every time I play it i’m reminded to live my life to the fullest because before you know it’s December and you’ve become no one and done nothing. Just as we all are in the beginning of a year the song begins by calling her a dreamer, but at the end she gives in to her same old ways.

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About the Curator - Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor is a senior at Austin College who watches too much Netflix and listens to her music a bit too loud. Her passion for music stems from a childhood full of sleeping on chairs at concerts to singing at the top of her lungs with her dad in the car to every new album he bought her. She's a Tumblr obsessed vegetarian, an animal-lover, a "let's share our feelings through music" kind of girl, who you will never catch without her journal and her pen in hand.

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