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Entering the playlist this week is none other than the talented INNA with her 2013 smash hit “More Than Friends” The track delivers with it a brilliant blend of dance + summer + fun vibes. All throughout Europe and most of the U.S.A., INNA has become a household name having been cited as a key pioneer of the Romanian house/dance music craze! In my opinion that is a well deserved title given the fact that every single she puts out does make you want to dance and damn sure makes you wanna do it passionately because she is the “Club Rocker” after all! (Lol I love making plays on album/song titles)

INNA has worked with everyone from Alexandra Stan, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and even Flo Rida. Her musical prowess just can’t be denied. She recently released a new album in 2017 entitled “Nirvana” and although she is more known for her hits such as “Hot”, “Amazing” “Deja Vu”, “Cola Song”, “Sun Is Up”, “Rendezvouz” & “Bop Bop” to name a few, her latest album proved to be just as successful as her previous albums because her music is just so damn catchy!

I love INNA and I love Romanian house music as well as all forms of house music so expect to see a whole lot more of Romanian house music as well as many of my other favorite styles of House, EDM & Dance music in the near future!

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