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When this song was first released I was super excited primarily because Selena Gomez was the vocalist and also because it brought back memories of Zedd's collaboration with Ariana Grande with her single "Breaking Free" and also because it was a stern reminder of Selena Gomez's "Spring Breaker" days. I mean the girl is wild as hell. I love girls like that.

Not to mention Selena Gomez's vocals sound so attractive and hot. At the time of recording this track she was already riding off the success of her album "Stars Dance" and even dropped another album that year entitled "Revival" I already was a fan of Zedd at this point as well. Zedd is also one of my favorite DJs and producers. This single was one of a handful that helped to make that transition from underground to mainstream and Selena was his key to that territory.

Selena has a new album due out later this year. He's also released three noteworthy/chart topping singles such as "Stay" with Alessia Cara, "Get Low" with Liam Payne and "The Middle" with Maren Morris and Grey.

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