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This is a track about going out with some close buddies of yours while looking to get into a bit of suggested mischief - Some mischief that one will never forget ;) -

It is memories like these that many people have an insatiable appetite for. These are the times that they live for.

The song was a hit across multiple musical platforms, reaching number one in several countries, ultimately becoming the song of the year in nearly all of them. Additionally, it received two Grammy award nominations within the year of its release. To date, "Blurred Lines" remains Thicke's most successful single.

"I hate these blurred lines/I know you want it/I know you want it/I know you want it/But you're a good girl/The way you grab me/Must wanna get nasty/Go ahead, get at me."

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Glenn McCrary  - Music to Curator

Glenn McCrary is a Memphis based disc jockey.

He is a perfectionist and dedicates all that he is to producing a flawless, final result of anything that he does musically.

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