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Murder On My Mind by YNW Melly is a wavy and emotional track. The song deals with Melly's thoughts during his imprisonment after shooting and killing his friend. 

While the topic is dark and gruesome, the song itself is beautifully sung and the emotional feeling you get while listening to the track is incredible. The track is mainly composed of a piano melody layered on top of some drums and a trap beat. The simplicity makes Melly's voice shine and he really caught my attention during the second verse. "His body dropped down to the floor and he got teardrops in his eyes. He grabbed me by my hands and said he was afraid to die". The lyrics are grim and as real as they can get. Not many people can relate to his experience and Melly does a great job expressing his grief and how it felt like to be in his situation. Many new artists try to get away with bland lyrics and beats that are typical and reused, instead YNW Melly pays a beautiful tribute to his lost friend and displays some amazing lyricism.

The song is addicting as hell. After you play it, all you will want to say during the rest of your day is "Wake up in the morning I got murder on my mind". Regardless of how addicting it is, you should probably keep your singing to yourself for this track... The lyrics might not please everyone. YNW Melly made a banger with consistent vocals, dope lyrics, and a vivid story. He recently got featured on the Genius youtube page singing Murder On My Mind in their studio, and Kanye West is featured on his track Mixed Personalities. Great things are heading his way and if he stays away from the violence he previously involved himself with, he could have an amazing music career. 

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As usual, prepare to get addicted!

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About The Curator - Nikola Batinic

Nikola Batinic - Music to Curator

Nikola Batinic is from San Jose, California and is currently pursuing a degree in economics at Sonoma State University. 

His music taste is centered around hip-hop, R&B, trap, house, chill, alternative rap, and punk rock. He was influenced by the radio and what others would play around him growing up. Nikola is addicted to Soundcloud and has attended over 50 events ranging from hip-hop concerts, reggae festivals, and raves. A few of his favorite artists are The Weeknd, Rebelution, XXYYXX, Hucci, Trippie Redd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Misogi, SiR, and Future.

Nikola's goal in life is to spread positivity and enjoy music. Eventually, he wants to work for the music industry, travel the world, and get a post-graduate degree. For the time being, he plans to live life day by day, surround himself with amazing people, and listen to amazing music.