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Highs And Lows is an amazing track off of Lil Skies new album Shelby. The track incorporates Skies's trademark style and flow that got him popular while incorporating deeper lyrical content. The track discusses the highs and lows that Lil Skies has faced during his life and the impact it has had on becoming who he is today. 

Lil Skies does a really great job of flowing over the beat. Although I have listened to Skies in the past, I did not pay attention to the lyrical content. Songs like Red Roses and Nowadays put him on the radar and fueled his popularity with typical lyrics about love, drugs, and living life to the fullest. Highs And Lows shows a more personal side of Skies that I was pleasantly surprised to hear. "I'm tired of having battles with the man in the mirror", "I had a plan that I could beat all the odds", and  "I looked on the bright side just to see you love less" are just a few of the lyrics that caught my attention when listening to the track.

Emotionally charged, Lil Skies spits some nasty bars and flows on Highs and Lows. He captures his feelings towards societal expectations, dealing with emotional struggles, and battling his own demons. I am sure that once time passes and Skies has time to experience some personal growth, he will feel differently and possibly come out stronger and more powerful. For the meantime, he has created an amazing track that will definitely be replayed during the upcoming weeks.

As usual, prepare to get addicted!

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About The Curator - Nikola Batinic

Nikola Batinic - Music to Curator

Nikola Batinic is from San Jose, California and is currently pursuing a degree in economics at Sonoma State University. 

His music taste is centered around hip-hop, R&B, trap, house, chill, alternative rap, and punk rock. He was influenced by the radio and what others would play around him growing up. Nikola is addicted to Soundcloud and has attended over 50 events ranging from hip-hop concerts, reggae festivals, and raves. A few of his favorite artists are The Weeknd, Rebelution, XXYYXX, Hucci, Trippie Redd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Misogi, SiR, and Future.

Nikola's goal in life is to spread positivity and enjoy music. Eventually, he wants to work for the music industry, travel the world, and get a post-graduate degree. For the time being, he plans to live life day by day, surround himself with amazing people, and listen to amazing music.