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Angst comes through with an amazing song that has personally set the entire vibe of the Summer for me. Good Friends Club is passionate, unforgiving, and an incredible mood booster. The background vocals take advantage of the audio enhancement autotune is able to provide, and make the song feel as if you are on a jet ski, smoothly shredding through the waves.

916frosty steals the show and around two minutes into the track he begins his epic verse. I don't know if it's his energy, autotuned Norcal accent, or the fact that his verse is so addicting... but I play this song a minimum of five times daily. I am not lying...

Another addictive part of the song is the plethora of "skrts" said. It happens during a few verses in the background and it helps to add energy as well as something to scream when you are driving in your car. Lately, I have been going to coffee shops to work on coursework or to boost my productivity and I make sure to blast the track when the "skrts" happen. As well as the 916forosty portion of the track. I want people to see and feel the vibe as well as get the chance to hear the banger.

Angst really set the bar high for himself. This is the first song of his that I had the chance to hear and it immediately became an anthem. It is so addicting that all my friends are addicted; they even send me Snapchats of them singing or dancing to it. If at first the song is just another "emo SoundCloud track" or "autotune garbage", I want you to give it a second try and listen really carefully to the details of the track. Especially the 916frosty verse and the lyrics he spits.

Good Friends Club (feat. 916frosty) is ridiculously addicting. If the song ever starts to lose its replay value I will take a break, knowing that once I listen after a few days off that it will be fresh and good as new. Angst, 916frosty, and the producers/audio engineers really put in work on this track. I give them a standing ovation.

As usual, prepare to get addicted!

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About The Curator - Nikola Batinic

Nikola Batinic - Music to Curator

Nikola Batinic is from San Jose, California and is currently pursuing a degree in economics at Sonoma State University. 

His music taste is centered around hip-hop, R&B, trap, house, chill, alternative rap, and punk rock. He was influenced by the radio and what others would play around him growing up. Nikola is addicted to Soundcloud and has attended over 50 events ranging from hip-hop concerts, reggae festivals, and raves. A few of his favorite artists are The Weeknd, Rebelution, XXYYXX, Hucci, Trippie Redd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Misogi, SiR, and Future.

Nikola's goal in life is to spread positivity and enjoy music. Eventually, he wants to work for the music industry, travel the world, and get a post-graduate degree. For the time being, he plans to live life day by day, surround himself with amazing people, and listen to amazing music.