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Music to Forget Your Troubles
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Although released by The Procussions, this track features production and verses from only one of its members, Stro Elliot.  Active with the Procussions and his own projects since 1998, the talented rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist recently joined the Roots. I had the good fortune of catching a beat performance by Stro Elliot a couple years ago, and his “finger drumming” blew my mind. 

 “Virginia Wolf,” released in 2014 after the group’s 6 year hiatus, draws inspiration from the 60’s play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” The lyrics detail the frustrations between a couple as time tests the relationship: 

“Even when I ain't busy/
I don't make an effort to call/
I make a living out of/
making her livid/
Because I never get upset/
Means I don't care enough to make it an issue.”

Stro Elliot’s clever, rhythmic lyrics are delivered smoothly over the blend of a funk bassline and kick-snare-hit hat beat. The hook, with harmonies sung over a bossa nova/hip hop beat,  is so irresistibly and unexpectedly catchy, you will find yourself singing along and putting the song on repeat, leaving all the frustrations and tensions of a relationship behind you. 

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About the Curator, Caitlin Moss:

Caitlin Moss - Musicto Curator

Drum set player and percussionist Caitlin Moss was born and raised in Los Angeles.  She has performed at such venues as the Skirball Center and the Ford Amphitheatre and has toured nationally and internationally, including performances in Mexico and Cuba, with Grammy-winning bands La Santa Cecilia and Quetzal.  She performs and records in Los Angeles as a freelance musician and as a member of several original bands. Caitlin is also teaching drum set, percussion, piano, and music production classes at a youth arts center operated by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.