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I would love to just put M83’s whole, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming record in this playlist but if I had to choose one song if would have to be this one.

Although this song comes in at a fairy long runtime of five minutes and forty-three seconds, it only actually contains thirty-seven words. Don’t let that mislead you though, the song doesn’t waste a moment. Oddly enough, that’s what the message of this track is. Not to waste a moment. To live in the present and that there’s “no time” to waste. It’s a bit of a slow burner but every second that builds up the final explosion at the end is worth it.

M83 has become a master at making music that sounds like a score to a movie and this track definitely fits in to that conception. I know that if I were to go into space, this song would have to be on my iPod. Imagine floating through the endless nothingness of space while Anthony Gonzalez sings those dreamy verses through your headphones.

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Hayden Schutz - Music to Curator

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