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The seventh track on the Fruit Bat’s album, Mouthfuls, is a quiet, folky piano ballad that takes you on a journey through the lead singer’s thoughts and feelings on love.

I’ve tried showing this song to a few people with not a whole lot of success, but I can understand why. It’s a very raw and the emotion of the singer often overshadows a lot of the song and can be somewhat off-putting to some people. Not so much to me though. Similar to Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked At Me, this track is very driven by how heart wrenching it is. This track’s lyrical content doesn’t quite punch you in the gut like anything off Mount Eerie’s album but the sound of the singer’s voice really makes you feel something.

This song is something I could picture playing in a movie after someone loses somebody they really care about. The character could be laying in their bed, tears rolling down their face while this song plays in the background. The song just sounds like longingness.  

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Hayden Schutz is student from Saskatchewan, Canada. Currently studying at the University of Regina. When he’s not browsing reddit for new music, he’s usually attempting to study, training for track & field or indulging in whatever tv show he’s into that week. As of lately he’s been experimenting with video and photography but nothing that he would consider “professional quality”. Hayden’s been playing guitar since the beginning of high school and singing since he was old enough to understand the words on the radio in mom’s car.