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This cryptic UK musician recently released his third studio album, The OOZ, containing this lo-fi gem which ended off the album beautifully.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what Archy is singing to us about on this brand-new track but that’s nothing out of the ordinary if you’re at all familiar with his music. Fortunately, you do not need to understand the highly metaphorical lyrics in order to feel the sort of melancholy that this song gives off. To me, it sounds like he is singing to someone whom he misses or wants to be with very badly, but that’s the beauty of King Krule’s lyrics, they’re so abstract that they may be interpreted however the listener feels suit.

The whole aesthetic of this song just feels like your sitting on an empty lakeshore while the song plays on an old record player in the background. Archy even adds in what sounds like rainfall in the background of the track, being more apparent in the beginning and end of the as the vocals are silenced. It all sounds like something very retro and comforting but nothing familiar.

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