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If you liked the Injury Reserve song, earlier on this playlist, you’ll love this. BROCKHAMPTON has been one of the most prolific acts of 2017 and what better way to start 2018 than with a song from one of their three albums released last year.

This track takes an atmospheric turn away from what you’d usually be used to hearing if you’ve been keeping up with this fourteen-member boyband. The song opens up with a beautiful, auto-tune drenched hook preformed by Ryan Beatty. Matt Champion comes in with a verse about shutting people out and hiding his problems from those trying to help him. Merlyn Wood takes on the second verse, tackling problems with trust and infidelity in his relationships. Followed by that, are verses from Ameer Vann and Don McLennon, describing how they hide from their mistakes and they need to own up and change in order to be happy.

This song has something for everyone, whether you’re just listening to it just for a pretty, slow jam while you’re waiting to fall asleep at night or if you personally relate to one of the artists verses. This song is infectious, hauntingly beautiful and impossible not to sing along to. These things don’t come together in such a nice package but when they do, you get something like BLEACH.

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