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Music to Float Away Your Fears
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It Comes Back To You is from Imagine Dragon's 2015 album Smoke + Mirrors. This track talks about mental health, hardship, and happiness. Many people suffer with depression and many people lose hope in themselves. You can forget the amazing things that you have done in the past, however if you focus on right now, in the moment, you can remind yourself that you are strong and capable of anything you put your effort into. The happiness that you once felt will come back to you. 

Focus on the lyrics of this track, many people go through similar emotions and hardships, it is unique to every individual and their perception. Try to focus on perceiving yourself in the moment. Hardship will come and go as it pleases, but happiness will always stick around. Even though things come and go, there will be times of joy. 

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About The Curator - Caylyn Downey

I am a college student in northeast America studying neuroscience, music, and studio art. I am interested in art and music therapy to help teach mindfulness. My goal is to understand how playing and listening to music and doing art can help teach you to live in the moment. In this day and age, many people are stuck in the past or predicting and worrying about the future. My goal as a music curator is to encourage people to limit their worrying and to focus on what is happening right now. I have always made playlists that many of my friends have enjoyed, it is something I enjoy to do as well because music has always been a huge part of my life. I want listeners to be able to only think about what they hear and see in the moment, this way their worries and fears will not be consuming them.