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Anxiety is from Julia Michaels EP Inner Monologue Part I and features Selena Gomez. This is not the first time both of these artists have opened up about their struggles with anxiety and mental illness. Anxiety is a common feeling, it’s healthy to feel some anxiety, and it has helped us survive. In this day and age, many people struggle with too much anxiety which affects their daily lives and functioning. Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez are both very open about their own struggles with mental illness, specifically their journey with anxiety. This openness allows and inspires people around the world who also struggle with anxiety. It comforts them and reminds them that they are not alone. They both explain how their anxiety has affected them individually through their lyrics.

Anxiety arises from worry about what could happen in the future, the thoughts that run through your mind can be repetitive and often times make you feel sick. It is a journey to work on not letting these thoughts control you and your experience. It is very hard and at times feels overwhelming. It is important to be self-aware, and to catch those thoughts that make you feel anxious or sad. If only it was just as simple as taking a pill everyday to make your thoughts disappear. There are medications that many people with anxiety do take, I myself included. I came to find that these medications will never stop the thoughts, it might help with the feeling but that can become dangerous because then many people can’t live their everyday lives without taking medication and it can feel imprisoning. When you keep thinking about that anxiety and reminding yourself about it, it only makes your condition worse because it reinforces the way your brain is processing this information. It is very hard to break the cycle of anxious thinking, especially when you have been thinking a certain way for most of your life. It takes practice and patience to not let the thoughts take over your life. Something that has significantly helped me is acknowledging the thought and not feeding into it. It is a journey that will need lots of self-awareness and self-love.

There are so many people out there struggling with anxiety and other mental illnesses. I hope that people who listen to this track feel comforted in that they are not alone and celebrities also struggle with these issues.

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About The Curator - Caylyn Downey

I am a college student in northeast America studying neuroscience, music, and studio art. I am interested in art and music therapy to help teach mindfulness. My goal is to understand how playing and listening to music and doing art can help teach you to live in the moment. In this day and age, many people are stuck in the past or predicting and worrying about the future. My goal as a music curator is to encourage people to limit their worrying and to focus on what is happening right now. I have always made playlists that many of my friends have enjoyed, it is something I enjoy to do as well because music has always been a huge part of my life. I want listeners to be able to only think about what they hear and see in the moment, this way their worries and fears will not be consuming them.