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Empowering. Gentle. Melancholy. Sensual. Vocals that are sultry, soulful and eloquently woeful. A tune dripping and bursting with flavor reminiscent of biting into the first peach of summer. Versatility beyond comparison. Just a few words that might aid you in understanding the artistry of this eclectic, beautiful woman by the name of Charlotte Dos Santos.

“Watching You” is a track that immediately transports you into a dream-like state for a glorious 3 minutes and 21 seconds. You are very much alive inside this dreamy illusion. You are welcomed by shadows of dancing bodies bathed in warm light beckoning you to join them. The air is warm and slightly salty from an ocean breeze. The fragrance of flowers is so potent you can taste their scent melting onto your tongue like honey. You've followed a mossy trail into a dense jungle where a gently bubbling river flows nearby. The atmosphere is alive with songs from the birds above and the creatures below. You finally settle and embody the peaceful moment we collectively and eternally crave. The dream gently ends and you fall back into your sensual slumber. A restful day awaits you.

This track is a reminder of the stories that flow from the mind when music reaches into our reflective states. Taking time to create my own story alongside a song is a refreshing way to experience music through a different lens. Searching through your own psyche and finding comfort in your own expressions. And of course one must honor the spirit behind the story. Mahalo nui loa Charlotte for the heavenly tune and valuable introspection.

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About The Curator - Maria Fish

Maria Fish - Music to Curator

You can most often find Maria in her garden humming along to an eclectic playlist titled “Life’s a Garden, Dig It” and of course tending to her beloved kale. Shout out to Joe Dirt for the wise words and fantastic playlist name. This garden is located on the island of Kaua’i at her childhood home surrounded by tropical fruit trees and flowers. Beautiful music has always gone hand in hand with the beauty of the island. Just as she nurtures her plants, she looks forward to nurturing this playlist and the community of music lovers that feel like stopping by and having a listen.