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Feeling the mood in your surrounding atmosphere and curating a path of sounds that flows mindfully is where I really fell in love with sharing music. Whether it is a 10 minute drive or an 8 hour road trip, I am always creating a different experience every.single.time. There is an intriguing complexity that goes alongside deciphering the feelings of everything around you - as well as navigating the unique tastes of each individual being. It’s like wandering around a foreign place. All senses are heightened and the atmosphere is buzzing with unfamiliar and inspiring energy. You are intuitively observing the venture that lies ahead. It is one thing to create a playlist beforehand and just let it play out which is a beautiful experience of its own. However, beyond that is the experience of choosing songs purely based on the energy around you and it is always a wild and liberating moment of soul-filled expression.

With that all being said, I fondly introduce Deja Blue with the newest single “Lake Song”. Inspired by the surroundings whilst exploring the outskirts of town, a dreamy lucid groove was born. A truly mesmerizing song that was created from the simple act of exploring.

The opening beat led me to immediately pause the song and resume it in my car on a sunset drive. Jasmine Reed begins the track with ethereal vocals declaring “The sky screams orange and blue / The mountains tower over you”. Talk about a serendipitous moment as I drove through the fading orange and blue light of day. This kind of magic formed when a song is placed in its element is like no other. It's the kind of magic that hypnotizes your hands to dance with the wild wind as you attempt to catch rays of the remaining sunlight.

Moments in the car will sometimes lead you to cry. Often you will laugh. And you will always cherish the memory that is a late night munchies run or the spontaneous road trip to an unknown place. It is the magic of music made for journeys in motion.

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About The Curator - Maria Fish

Maria Fish musicto Playlist Curator

You can most often find Maria in her garden humming along to an eclectic playlist titled “Life’s a Garden, Dig It” and of course tending to her beloved plants. This garden is located on the island of Kaua’i at her childhood home surrounded by tropical fruit trees and flowers. Beautiful music has always gone hand in hand with the beauty of the island. Just as she nurtures her plants, she looks forward to nurturing this playlist and the community of music lovers that feel like stopping by and having a listen.

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