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A little funkier than your average duo. Maybe not your cup of tea yet but they soon will be. These super groovy brothers go by the names Trippy Kish Daze and Peefs Daze. They draw their inspiration from anything and everything and it's a totally tantalizing blend of adventurous sounds on every track they create.

I particularly enjoy “HKG” because it is purely a super duper groovy movey sort of tune. Sort of a reminder to let loose a little bit and appreciate how absolutely nutso it is that we are able to experience this life so vibrantly. Songs such as these provide us a moment to let go and encompass the full feeling of humanity. Maybe you had a difficult day or you need a new party jam. You can't avoid getting dancey with this one. Go on now. Enjoy the hazey wave of The Paisley Daze.   

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About The Curator - Maria Fish

Maria Fish - Music to Curator

You can most often find Maria in her garden humming along to an eclectic playlist titled “Life’s a Garden, Dig It” and of course tending to her beloved kale. Shout out to Joe Dirt for the wise words and fantastic playlist name. This garden is located on the island of Kaua’i at her childhood home surrounded by tropical fruit trees and flowers. Beautiful music has always gone hand in hand with the beauty of the island. Just as she nurtures her plants, she looks forward to nurturing this playlist and the community of music lovers that feel like stopping by and having a listen.