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A great first song to start a playlist to! This artist used this track to start his latest album "Damn". Of course we are talking about the one and only Kendrick Lamar. A living legend in the hip hop industry who released this track "DNA" to live up to the reputation of wordplay Kendrick has build up over the years.

Damn is a follow up album after his last record "To Pimp a Butterfly". Butterfly was a masterful album that pushed the boundaries and set new conscience concepts that Kendrick brought to the table to himself and his peers. One album later Kendrick releases Damn to sustain those concepts and reiterate them. One of the tracks that is the epitome of conscience lyrics is DNA which talks about knowing self worth and conscience within.

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About The Curator - Shar Clay

Shar Clay - Music to Curator

Shar Clay is a musician who was born on September 7th, 1994. Shar is from San Antonio, Texas but moved to multiple places all throughout his life. He decided to pursue music when he was 14 and by the age of 18 he attended The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico to study music. Shar lived in Liverpool England and was in a short lived punk band called Mau Revolt. When Shar moved back to the states he found a new love passion for music media and started his own label called "Black Jerusalem Records". Black Jerusalem was a documentation of all of his releases he did with past projects. It was by that time where Shar realized the importance of having underground musicians getting the recognition that mainstream artists have. Shar decided to volunteer for radio stations and eventually found his way into the curating world. With the help of musicto, Shar currently strives to be a curator with a statement. That statement is to announce that all art is relevant in the music industry. From all genres from pop to experimental. Believing that each genre has its mainstream and its underground. Regardless of the rank of the artist, each musician is relevant to each other, if the work is devoted.