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Music to Embrace The Feminine Future
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On the first half of Jean Deaux’s debut album, her artistry and ability to craft soft tones, sultry melodies and rhythms towards the world of RnB and soul are put on display. At the same time, she still seamlessly flashes her lyrical abilities as an emcee of Hip Hop. Songs such as “Deserve (More)” and “Way Out” are great examples of the effortless way Deaux weaves in and out of soul, rnb, and hip hop. She’ll serenade you into a slow sway while giving you raps that will knock anyone’s head back.  As the first half closes, and the last half of the album kicks in, we are introduced into a different realm of Deaux’s artistic prowess. A riotous antithesis to the albums softer first half.  

The albums title track comes at the moment the projects trajectory begins to take a turn and turned up a notch. It’s as if Deaux is making a statement and staking her claim as one of the most clever, hardest, and creative emcees freaking the mic. Her flow on Krash feels like slick and sweet poison that the Wicked Witch could only conjure. If the first half of Deaux’s project made you feel she is to be taken lightly, it’s the onset of Krash that should shatter that idea. It’s Krash that shines the spotlight on the lyrical competitiveness, rawness, and arrogance that Deaux possesses, and a quality every great emcee holds. Quite simply, Jean Deaux ain’t nothin to f*** with.” 

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About The Curator - KA II

I was raised in a community that believes in and practices the act of love, spirituality, understanding, and openness. These beliefs  and practices are my foundation in this life and continue to drive my pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and freedom. I also come from a place where the gift of rhythm and movement are interwoven into each other and into the fabric of life. It is never one without the other. 

Music and Dance are not just things we do and enjoy. They are a necessity. In times of joy we dance, in times of triumph we turn the music up a little louder, in times of stress and unbalance we close our eyes and dance. It is how we feel our emotions and what ignites our creativity, intellectual abilities, and the way we see the world. Without the two, life would have no color, art, love, or culture. 

Music and movement have always been the guiding light of creativity and the master teacher, therefore I aim to share how they elevate my mind, heart, and soul to think wider and to think with compassion, wit, and intellect. I hope you enjoy the content. Peace