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Music to Embrace The Feminine Future
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Three years ago I discovered a lady instrumentalist from Leimert Park, Los Angeles. I believe it’s essential to point out that she is a woman because if one were to look at the landscape and overall demographic of the Hip Hop beat scene, one immediately notices the small amount of women pushing out beats compared to the substantial amount of men in the movement. The last time I remember a woman creating waves in the culture of beat making was six years prior, in 2010, when Tokimonsta released her outstanding debut “Midnight Menu.”

It wouldn’t be until about 5 to 6 years later till another woman would climb her way up the male dominated beat culture and make a name for herself. By creating her own sound, wrecking competition in beat battles and crafting a stellar debut album Linafornia was able to gain the respect and praise of her peers and fellow beat makers in LA. Linafornia’s debut album “YUNG” is a wonder world of rhythms, sounds, and samples that flex Linafornia’s ability to keep listeners bouncing while surprising them with the twist and turns she so smoothly incorporates into her music. Some beat makers find it difficult to strike the balance of pushing the envelope of experimentation in their sound yet still keep the listener engaged and interested for the entirety of an album. The fact that Linafornia was able to find that balance of experimentation, so early on in her career, while also keeping listeners heads nodding is a testament to her skills as a beat maker. 

YUNG’s success and lasting impact on the beat culture has afforded Linafornia the time to carefully and patiently plot her next move and/or project. In an era of streaming where artist’s feel they need to release music constantly or be forgotten by their fan base, witnessing Linafornia find her success in YUNG to then wait 3 years before giving listeners and fans some new dope provides a stark contrast between her and her contemporaries. Linafornia has yet to release a follow up to YUNG but she continues to assure followers that her new projects and concepts are cooking. Till then, take a dive into her SoundCloud where  she is beginning to let new music surface and give us a taste of what’s to come.

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About The Curator - KA II

I was raised in a community that believes in and practices the act of love, spirituality, understanding, and openness. These beliefs  and practices are my foundation in this life and continue to drive my pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and freedom. I also come from a place where the gift of rhythm and movement are interwoven into each other and into the fabric of life. It is never one without the other. 

Music and Dance are not just things we do and enjoy. They are a necessity. In times of joy we dance, in times of triumph we turn the music up a little louder, in times of stress and unbalance we close our eyes and dance. It is how we feel our emotions and what ignites our creativity, intellectual abilities, and the way we see the world. Without the two, life would have no color, art, love, or culture. 

Music and movement have always been the guiding light of creativity and the master teacher, therefore I aim to share how they elevate my mind, heart, and soul to think wider and to think with compassion, wit, and intellect. I hope you enjoy the content. Peace