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October 2018


“At the end, if I get a chance to look back on life, I’d be stoked to know that I helped to get more music out into the world.”

As of October 2018 the musicto community has spent over 3,000 hours doing just that, these policies & procedures are derived from everything we have learned during this time.


It is important to understand that in choosing to become a musicto curator you are choosing to become part of a community.  musicto curators support each other, we follow one another’s lists and regularly look out for each other. We know that the fastest way to grow our playlists is to be supported by other curators who share the same goals and objectives.  Taking part in the community is an essential part of being a musicto curator.

The Core Behavior

To have your track added to your playlist and published on curators must agree to the following:

  1. Track Submission

  2. Track added to playlists

  3. Track Sharing

  4. Community Interaction

1/ Track Publishing

  • Deadline for receiving track submissions is midnight on Monday PST

  • Track to be submitted using the following protocol:

    • Send to:

    • Track name - Artist name

    • Link to track on Spotify (youtube or soundcloud if Spotify not available)

    • At least two paragraphs of text - at least 100 words - you need to create something of value for the reader

    • Attached image between 500 and 1200 pixels across and sent as a .jpg

    • Links to Artist’s digital footprint: Web, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram.

  • Track will be published by Wednesday morning.

2/ Adding Track to Soundsgood

  • By Wednesday the Curator must login to Soundsgood and have added the track to their playlist  

  • Curators can add as many tracks to the playlist as they wish

  • Playlist length is entirely up to the curator

3/ Track Sharing

Sharing tracks to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is mandatory.  Curators do not have to submit a track every week - however - if they choose to submit a track - they make a commitment that they will share the tracks as per the protocols and interact with the musicto curator community.

  • Tuesday - Add tracks to Spotify personal lists:

    • Add your track of the week to My musicto Spotify playlist

    • Add any featured / promoted track to Best of musicto Spotify playlist

  • Wednesday - Share to Twitter

  • Thursday - Share to Instagram

  • Friday - Share to Facebook

4/ Community Interaction

Sharing tracks to social platforms is one half of the mandatory requirements when you choose to publish a track.

Interacting with other musicto curator posts is the other half.

  • #Musicto Hashtag

    • Interacting with the #musicto hashtag is the quickest and easiest way to do this, taking less then 2 minutes a day on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Curators must run a search and like those musicto curator posts that use the hashtag.  If we have 50 tracks published in one week - those tweets or instagram posts should have at least 50 likes.

  • Further Interaction

    • As you spend more time with musicto you will find playlists and individuals that you like - who’s music taste or writing style you resonate with - it is likely at that point that you will move from just liking their tweets and posts, maybe you'll reply - or comment - maybe you write a review on their facebook page - maybe you publish their track on your own playlist.  Real community comes from deeper interactions than just blindly liking a post on Instagram or a tweet on twitter - but it is the initial behavior that you can quickly adopt in order to identify the people you might want to interact with - and in turn - create the environment for people to interact with you.

Because we are a global community it might take a couple of days before you see everybody’s posts.

Community Minimums

  • You must publish at least one track a month.

  • When you publish a track you commit to adopting the sharing and community behaviors during the week.

  • You must follow all active lists on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

  • Use to set up bio on Twitter and Instagram

  • Create two additional playlists on your personal Spotify account:

    • My musicto - Where you add your track of the week and any other tracks from the community that you dig

    • Best of musicto - Where you add any track that is currently being distributed or promoted by the music to label

  • Read the monthly Curator email

Archiving Your List

We know that people’s lives change over time - falling in love, getting a new job, moving home, even getting ill - all of these things can be incredibly disruptive and sometimes your playlist might have to be pushed to the backburner.  If you need to take a break from your list let us know and we will “archive” it until you are ready to come back to it. Archiving means the following:

  • The list is removed from the playlist page on the website

  • The track submission form is removed from the playlist landing page

  • Your email will be temporarily suspended

When you are ready to come back - let us know and we will put everything back in place.



The primary place for the musicto Curator community is the closed Facebook group at:

It is important that you visit the group on a regular basis - there is a huge amount of information and experience that can really help you and this is where general community information will be shared.

Monthly Email Update

Every month we send out an email to all active curators - it is your responsibility to read the email.

Direct Communication

If you have a question that needs an immediate answer, please send an email to, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sponsored Tracks / Signing Track

Once a list attains a level of visibility - and this is different for every list - there is the opportunity to generate revenues through promoting tracks, receiving sponsorship revenues and indeed signing single track distribution deals.  

These opportunities typically do not arrive until you have been growing your playlist for at least a year, so be patient. If you would like to learn more about how these programs work, take advantage of the musicto community in the facebook group or drop an email to

Slack Channel

We’d love to have more people contributing to the musicto vision, If you are interested in getting more involved ask Andrew directly about joining the Slack channel and what that would entail.

If you’d still like to apply to be a musicto curator, fill in the form below. Take your time - we really do read all of them although we only respond to people that we’re looking to chat with. Please don’t be discouraged if we don’t get back to you - it may be that we’ve stopped adding curators for a while or it maybe that we’re on vacation. Whatever you do - keep making your playlists, keep putting more music out there and who knows - maybe we’ll connect in the future.

Tell us what your playlist would be called - remember that it must start with Music to...
Why this playlist? What's it about, who is going to listen to it?
Drop us the name and a link to the first track on your playlist and give us a good couple of paragraphs on why the track is awesome. Make us want to stop what we're doing and listen to the track.
Drop us the name and a link to the first track on your playlist and give us a good couple of paragraphs on why the track is awesome. Make us want to stop what we're doing and listen to the track.
We're super interested to learn about you and curious to know how you will manage those 5 to 15 minutes a day to grow your list with everything else going on in your life.
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