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The Ozark Mountain Daredevils' "Jackie Blue" was released in 1975 as a single from their It'll Shine When it Shines album and is a piece of music that runs deeply through the artery of American culture and wraps around the heart like a warm blanket of nostalgia. The Springfield, Missouri band had another hit, "If You Wanna Get to Heaven," which was their debut single from their 1973 album The Ozark Mountain Daredevils and charted at #25 on the U.S. Billboard, but it didn't have the cross-over appeal of "Jackie Blue."

When they first hit the scene in the early 70s, they definitely had a southern rock sound. However, with "Jackie Blue," there was a synergy of many elements that made the song transcend all categories. It's a little country, a little rock, a little pop. The group's drummer Larry Lee took lead vocals on this and his light, amber voice gives a truly Elysian quality to this chart-topper. The song is about how a woman tries to face the hardships of life optimistically, which is the essence of the attitude of the 70s: unjaded, sanguine and sensitive.

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