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What's not to love about a track in which both instrumental and lyrics can take you to a trip around the world? And by "world" I don't mean only Earth, but also your mind, your own world. 

Well, allow yourself to take a "Vacation" by listening to this awesome track, which, itself, is an intercontinental trip, being produced by jazzy hop French kings, Jazz Liberatorz, featuring the vocals of American multi talented artist J. Live.

The beautiful blend of jazz and hip hop is what made Jazz Liberatorz become so remarkable, especially with this album, "Clin D'oeil". In tracks like "Vacation", we can understand why the album became a classic of the underground hip hop scene. 

The track is as smooth and perfect as the combination of hip hop beats and jazzy vibes can be. The raps of J. Live add an extra flavor with witty geographical metaphors that express his gratitude for being able to do what he loves ("I occupy minds / That's my occupation").

Seriously, the lyrics are awesome. J. Live is really able to give such peace of mind feels while talking about how he's always travelling for work, yet the longing for his loved ones is relieved by the fact that he's pursuing his dream ("I'm lovin' my callin' / Callin' my loved ones from extra long distance / Across many seas / I wish y'all were here"... "But since you're not here", "you can say I'm working on a vacation"). 

Either if you like vacations for relaxing or travelling, this song can do both for you.

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