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It is possible that Music to Dali & Jay Z Lovers wouldn't even exist without Pete Rock. He is one of the main guys who merged hip hop and jazz, so yeah, "that's what I am talking about". 

Both solo or along with C L Smooth, Pete Rock is the mind, the voice & the beats behind dope tracks such as "They reminisce over you", a must-listen for jazz rap fans and a true hip hop classic.

There are so many amazing tracks I could've chosen from Pete's discography, but I just wanted to avoid the obvious, to give a little love to a song that doesn't get enough recognition, and to praise some of Pete's recent productions - because yeah, he killed the 90's but he still makes great music until today.

I chose "That's what I am talking about", a cool track with a ridiculously sexy bass line, a sample of Brooklyn Dream's "Music, harmony & rhythm", and featuring R&B singer Rell.

This is a beautiful track in which you can appreciate the finesse of Pete Rock's production skills - no wonder he is considered one of the greatest. 

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About the curator: Ana Clara Ribeiro 

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