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Some say nothing cures the pain of losing a loved one; some say that it, just like everything, shall eventually pass. But, either if it's to take the pain away or to just distract you from it, channelling feelings into something else that you love just as much is always a great thing to do.

That's what Vermont hip hop duo GOOD WTHR did in the beautiful, chillful "Somewhere shining", a tribute to BP, a friend and music partner of members Kin and Pro.

Even once you choose to stick to your passion (which, in GOOD WTHR’s case, is music) as a tool to alchemize feelings, it can be done in several ways – and “Somewhere shining” doesn’t go for the mournful one. The track has a light atmosphere; the rap is impactul in a way that, rather than detaching from the calm commitment that the song makes since the first seconds, it actually reaffirms it, because this is song of certainty. It is about real trust that the one who passed away is, really, “somewhere shining”.

The instrumentals are ornamented by the guitars of Jay Be, which, high as they are, could sound like the only cry of the song. Yet, their intensity blend well amongst the steady beats and the soft, fit-for-jazz chord progressions.

It’s not that any form of pain should be belittled or disrespected; there are amazing songs about anger and doubt. However, tracks like “Somewhere shining” are a comfort in how they show that there’s always a place we can run to, when things are hard. We just have to find that place.

For many, it is music (“Where you hide in the night? / Probably where the music is”). And besides bringing comfort, it can also bring out the best in us and result in great stuff to be shared with the world. 

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About the curator: Ana Clara Ribeiro 

Ana Clara Ribeiro - Musicto Curator

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