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“Love is love”, it’s simple like that.

If you truly feel it, you will automatically share it, enjoy life and respect people.

“Love is love”. It doesn’t need much more than these three words and an one minute and a half song, like this. As long as love is what keeps your heart “flowing, going, jumping, pumping”, you won’t need more than this to understand.

Versis is a “Calidelphian” (like he describes himself) rapper who makes music with an incredibly smooth and nice vibe. This song is from his debut album, “Illcandescent” (2010), and it’s efficiently profound in its simplicity. It's perfect for you to just let yourself feel whatever you feel, no need to think much, “love is love”, just like this.

With literal and linear lyrics that address Versis's description of the role love plays in his life and tells a story of a girl that fooled his heart after saying she loved him, “Love is love” has no verses or chorus, and the beat and piano accompaniment are also repetitive and steady. It’s all very straight and homogeneous, just like the mood of someone whose life is filled and driven by love.

Even rejected, Versis says: “I’ll hold my nose and give a shrug, 'cause I suppose that love is love”.

The fact that the songs ends like this and the beat goes on intact suggests that, even though he’s hurt, he will keep on loving, because that’s who he is, he cannot help it, he is “a lover under no condition”. And that’s deep as fuck.

Right now, as I write this review, my country (Brazil) is going through lots of controversies involving gay love, racial discrimination, censorship of arts and individual freedom, and all I can think is how deep this song is, even (or due to) being so simple.

“Love is love, no refunds - no switching / Love'll keep you connected regardless of the distance”.

People are what they are, “no refunds, no switching”, but as long as you allow yourself to feel love, it will “keep you connected regardless of the distance”. Because “love is love”. It’s simple like that. Just like life should be.

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About the curator: Ana Clara Ribeiro 

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