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I have no idea of how to describe the genre of this specific song neither the type of music King Krule makes; and apparently I'm not the only one. Seriously, I googled "King Krule genre" and I got: indie rock; jazz fusion; dark wave; punk jazz; post-punk; trip hop; and hip hop... That's crazy and that's awesome.

If "Logos" were a visual experience instead of a sonic one, I'm sure it would be like those paintings that you just keep staring at, trying to find out the meaning, or trying to identify what art movement is it from... Does it matter? Music genres, art movements, labels... ? Do they matter? I guess the answer is both yes and no. 

Including something or someone in a group is just an easier way for us to understand them. It is kinda nice, because it means we took the time to notice their main characteristics; but it also can be lazy as fuck, because we tend to reduce the person or the thing to that one label, and from this label we make a lot of assumptions that may not be correct. 

I think about this a lot, but while I don't have definite answers, I just enjoy enjoying the "in-betweens" and anything else that resonates with me regardless of labels. Like this song. 

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About the curator: Ana Clara Ribeiro 

Ana Clara Ribeiro - Musicto Curator

Music, art and entertainment have always played a big role in the life of Ana Clara Ribeiro. She grew up in Gurupi (an inland city in Tocantins, the youngest State of Brazil), listening to all kinds of music, reading, writing, watching stuff and connecting them to her personal beliefs and other ideas she read about.

As she became a lawyer and a writer, all the topics to which she is constantly exposed continued to give her insights about life, people and the universe, through the lenses of art.

Nowadays, when she isn’t analyzing lawsuits or producing content about Law, Marketing, Business or Music, she is certainly doing something related to her various personal and professional projects, always to the sound of a playlist as eclectic as her life.