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As much as the rap of Nitty Scott, MC sounds like a Ladybug Mecca revival, what’s interesting about Nitty and the album from which we got this amazing track is the spiritual touch she brings.

Yes, Nitty Scott is highly influenced by Digable Planets and A Tribe Called Quest, two iconic hip hop groups in total tune with this playlist (we’ve talked about one and we’ll talk about the other in the future).

However, she is somehow unique in embracing her identity: as a woman, biracial, unafraid of addressing social topics, and also her love for yoga, meditation and spirituality in general.

All of this together results, for her, in nice, deep, chill music, as the album itself suggests: it’s called “The art of chill” (note: you should check it all out, every track is fantastic).

“Lily of the valley” address sad stories of addiction, in an impudent yet lyrically witty way. Nitty’s flow makes the rap very easy listening, every word and rhyme fall in the right place. The instrumental helps creating the ethereal atmosphere that is perfect to engage you on the story she is telling, with the help of rapper/producer Sene in the hooks, which makes us think about the irony embed in people’s lives that ended not so well, due to being “slaved to the feeling”, like she says later in the verses.

It’s all very sad, art is not always supposed to make us happy, but it’s definitely meant to make us think, and feel something.

Everything about Nitty Scott’s music has the power to take us to this place. You can hear the mystical influence both in the sound and in the lyrics.

What I like about it is the open-mindness it takes to get into her world, regardless of your religion or spiritual belifs (or your lack of them). She’s just there, calm, cool, being herself, expressing what she believes - but you can join her!

Nitty Scott, MC makes music that invite you to come over, vibe along, space out a little, try to get into her thoughts, then go back and get lost in yours. I couldn’t think of a more perfect purpose for art: giving us permission to be ourselves through the pleasure of appreciating each other’s individuality.

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About the curator: Ana Clara Ribeiro 

Ana Clara Ribeiro - Musicto Curator

Music, art and entertainment have always played a big role in the life of Ana Clara Ribeiro. She grew up in Gurupi (an inland city in Tocantins, the youngest State of Brazil), listening to all kinds of music, reading, writing, watching stuff and connecting them to her personal beliefs and other ideas she read about.

As she became a lawyer and a writer, all the topics to which she is constantly exposed continued to give her insights about life, people and the universe, through the lenses of art.

Nowadays, when she isn’t analyzing lawsuits or producing content about Law, Marketing, Business or Music, she is certainly doing something related to her various personal and professional projects, always to the sound of a playlist as eclectic as her life.