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“Someone’s life is another one’s lesson”, Bry’nt says in the beginning of this song.

In “Butterfly with wet wings”, rapper Bry’nt addresses real life hardships and conflicts, with the help of Leikeli47’s beautiful vocals, and smooth, mind-expanding instrumentals. 

Come on, the instrumentals alone would be the perfect tune for you to lay in your bed while watching the rain falling on a beautiful garden through your window… And speaking about gardens, let’s not forget the lyrics too, because the metaphor of a butterfly with wet wings is actually perfect.

The butterfly is a symbol of strength and grace. 

When we see a butterfly, we do not see all the transformations she had to endure to get where she is. All we see is her colourful wings, as she gracefully flies. But even the most beautiful butterfly has hard times. Sometimes it rains and it gets harder to fly (“I know this rain got you feeling weighed down / Like a butterfly with wet wings”).

Rain, however, comes from nature; it’s a part of the cycle of life, and that’s how it should be embraced: as a natural thing that does not stop us from flying “Yes you may have even touched the ground  /  But it's alright  / You can still fly”) , and instead makes us stronger to fly when the sun and the rainbow comes. 

Actually, it’s interesting to mention a rainbow here too, since Bry’nt is openly gay and uses the expression “rainbow-friendly” to describe his music. Indeed, the fact that he embraces his sexual orientation might make his music more relatable and easier to connect with for the LGBTQ community, which is awesome – however, in “Butterfly with wet wings”, what catches my attention is how its sonic design is so perfect for its lyrics’ metaphors. Bry’nt’s deep voice, Leikeli47’s sultry voice, the calm, echoed beat, the loungy synths, everything sounds like a soundtrack for the flight of a butterfly: delicate, yet so full of meaning. 

Overall it’s a very therapeutic and relaxing song. It reminds us that, just like a butterfly that remained determined and positive when she was just a caterpillar, keeping this same mindset now that you have wings can only lead you to an even higher level,  "and, like a butterfly, you can always fly again."

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About the curator: Ana Clara Ribeiro 

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