Ruth Burke

Originally from Ireland, I now currently live in Liverpool after completing my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in performance. I am not a believer that you can only like one genre of music, if a song speaks to me on another level or I just vibe with it; I'm listening to it.

I'm still trying to find my way around life so patience is my virtue!

I am at the beginnings learning to DJ, curating 'Zone Out' mixes on SoundCloud and also help my good friends, GO OFF SIS, HUB by curating playlists for their platform.

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Maria – Rae Khalil

7 April 2020

I can’t lie, I found out about Rae Khalil from the Netflix series Rhythm and Flow. Being one of many that believed she was “robbed” on the show, I had to hear more from the artist…

Digital Love – Daft Punk

31 March 2020

This song is an instant sing along, the build up with the use of lyrics gets you ready for the melody and beat to drop…

California Daze – Peace

31 March 2020

The band sound as if they pay tribute to the opening of Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles with delicate guitar riffs throughout this song…