Rodrigo Medrano

Sweet Dreams, TN – The Last Shadow Puppets

22 June 2017

If you know Alex Turner and Miles Kane, you will know they started this for fun, but it ended in a really good project.

It’s not their main genre but it’s a really good contribution while they are not on their main projects. Also, everybody loves when Alex Turner becomes that cheesy slow love singer.

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps – Cake

22 June 2017

The song talks by itself. Good sound, cool voice and a time machine to the 90’s.

This band is a great example of being different. All the covers they recorded, are “practically amazing”. It’s interesting to think of the song’s story before it got into this guy’s mind.

My Doorbell – The White Stripes

22 June 2017

Well… Jack White… What else can we say about “different” after saying that name?

Named the Willy Wonka of Rock n’ Roll by The Rolling Stones (very well named actually). This living creature shares with us how versatile he can be throughout the album Behind Me Satan, 2004.

Stacy’s Mom – Scott Bradlee & The Post Modern Jukebox

22 June 2017

This Door is getting better and better. Wanted something different to hear? Wait! you know this song!!!… Yes! you’re right, but not this version by PMJ. Casey Abrams with his marvellous powerful voice, followed by the great arrangements made by Scott Bradley, gives us a bit more of speed on this playlist.

On My Own – Vincent And The Villains

22 June 2017

If the last song got your attention, this one will make you be excited for the next song on this playlist. When you start with something different, you need to stand on your idea and not fall into a hit so soon. This song has the perfect sound to be combined with any up beat song. Even if the last one ended slow you can feel a smooth change between songs. This is because of the fantastic start this song has.

Motorcycle – Rumble Strips

14 June 2017

This song is the perfect playlist starter. It starts with a cymbal and little by little drums fade in and trumpets giving no clue of what to expect from the song. There you get the attention of the listener.