Oni Oni

Waves – n o r m a l

14 September 2020

This track is chill, psychedelic, like a mix, between a late-night walk and an outer space odyssey, crazy keys and burning sax solo, there are so many little details I enjoy of this track, is like if every time I listen to it I keep discovering more stuff on it, more sounds, more melodies, is just layers and layers of galaxies for our ears to explore, definitely looking forward to the full thing.

Memory Shards – Önigirisu

17 August 2020

This week’s track was seasoned and cooked at home. I am the worst critic of my work, always slapping my own little mistakes on my face and telling myself how bad my mix was…

Rocco – Lost Files

11 August 2020

Are you Lonely? Sad? Lacking motivation? Tired? if you are, congratulations you are a human being…

Winter Nights – Dormio

28 July 2020

Late evening hours are one of my favorite moments of the day when I’m just chill in my bedroom texting my family or friends, listening to music, reading, or just waiting for that special message of someone I am starting to feel connected to…

Sugar – Nydia

20 July 2020

Some characters from past eras I like are Vikings, Pirates, and Western Outlaws. They’re all adventurous, brave, and sort of criminals though but all of them lived in the present as if there was no tomorrow.…

Glow – Mava

30 June 2020

Welcome to the clouds, as our lives start to slowly flow again is easy to get lost on our thoughts, what are we going to do? How can we restart now? There’s so much to do but probably not much time.

Aura – Melvin Alex

22 June 2020

The first time I heard Aura my heart slowly drowned on memories I have forgotten…

Idle Times – Pedroza

16 June 2020

Are you losing track of the days of the week? not sure if today is Monday or Friday….

Neva – Rodesens

9 June 2020

Have you ever listened to a song that brings melancholic memories of stuff you have never experienced before…

Clouds – Soreha

2 June 2020

Can we just stop for a while? I mean, we are living so fast that we can’t digest all the stuff happening now…

tidal – minty

10 March 2020

Did you miss us? This week we come with a jewel. “tidal” by Minty is a track filled with dreams and creativity and the story behind it makes it our pick for this week…

Entrar Al Rey – Carlo Coretzz

18 February 2020

Do you love staying at home near the window of your bedroom when it is raining? or during a beautiful twilight while you get lost into the fire orange clouds…

Dear Father – woeful

11 February 2020

Life is beautiful in so many ways but being honest it is tough sometimes, we lose people, we lose hope, we feel we are going nowhere from time to time…

Ombré – YellaJam

28 January 2020

Another week, another track. YellaJam is one of those hidden jewels waiting for the right moment to rise, his track Ombré has everything you need to vibe this week and enjoy every moment of it…

coast2coast – bib sama.

7 January 2020

Welcome to a new decade, I think we started a bit wrong…

Eternal Youth – RŮDE

26 November 2019

This week’s track is a special one, after hearing this track my life literally changed. RŮDE’s Eternal Youth was the opening of a lofi playlist I once found on YouTube…

Waves – Tawnbei

5 November 2019

November is here, year is almost done, not much we can do to avoid it being honest but thinking in this year, did you make any of your dreams became true?…

Flight Of The Flamingo – Flamingosis

22 October 2019

Flashes, magazines, cameras, red carpets, supermodels, elite fashion, fancy cars, feel like a superstar this week, walk with elegance, with greatness, fly like a flamingo…

A Ticket to NoWhere – Sunnymc

9 October 2019

Take your bags and let’s go on a trip into the chillness and peace, this week Sunnymc brings us A Ticket to NoWhere so we can travel letting away our worries…

cielo – n o r m a l

1 October 2019

We start October cool and n o r m a l is bringing the vibe into the house, his chill track “cielo” is our pick this month…

Ladybug – Jai Freedom

24 September 2019

Music to chill to is all about the relaxing, warm and chill beats you can use as background music for your study sessions, work, reading or any other circumstance where enjoying the moment means everything…

Spanish Nights – Smoking Patterns

11 September 2019

¿Qué pasa chavales?, The track of the month this time comes directly from Spain. Do you want some paella? do you like acoustic guitars? maybe watching FCB vs Real Madrid, is not a problem anymore, Smoking patterns bring the whole experience to your ears…

alone -squid ethics

27 August 2019

Have you felt like you had a wonderful day with your friends and family, went out a bit and returned home tired and crushed from all day? You slowly take your clothes off and crawl into the bed “to die?”, Nah, “to be alone”…

Warm – Momma

20 August 2019

phew! This week seems full of stuff to do eh? I got you, life never was meant to be easy but it can certainly be enjoyable. You know sometimes our biggest accomplishments are not the big things people can see…

Grape Choice – tajima hal

12 August 2019

Noire ambient, classy suits, funny cigarettes, a jazz ambiance cocktail bar, do you smell it? oh yes, crime needs to be resolved, probably a spy or an undercover cop is on the chase right now, I know it is a weird comparison but…

Dulce – FloFilz

2 August 2019

Turn your moment into a living metropolis (The cool way, not the hot traffic and loudly one), Have you ever watched “Hey Arnold?”, well, this track is for me a living experience of it, it feels fresh, hip, urban, chill, It is like walking on the sidewalk…

Soulful – L’Indecis

2 August 2019

As the guitar slowly enter the place I can only think on the sound and smell of coffee almost ready to be served, like a soft morning sun, the day almost begins, lots of things to do, lots of places to go, that is what I feel every time I listen to Soulful by L’Indecis…