Johnathan Fludd

Renee – SALES

22 September 2017

When I first came across sales I was greeted by this lighthearted jingle. The catchy guitar riff held my attention long enough to be swept away by the voice of Lauren Morgan and the minimalist production of her copilot Jordan Shih.

About You – XXYYXX

22 September 2017

This song right here is a classic in the chillwave sub genre. Everyone’s heard it, you just missed it. When this song dropped in 2012 Marcell Everett went from bedroom producer to underground star.

Warm Water – Banks

22 September 2017

Banks warm water is minimalism at its best. The production isn’t overly flashy but it’s smart and calculated. Changing only when necessary to the song. Banks smooth voice glides along the instrumental in almost a whisper like fashion as she seduces her person of interest to come home with her.

Twelve – Abhi//Dijon

22 September 2017

Ok I’m going to call this one my favorite song as well even though the first one technically is my favorite song, I just can’t help myself. Abhi Dijon’s twelve is a sexy R&B cut that I can only describe as cute and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. With Abhi handling most of the production and Dijon on vocals this duo is unmatched. Delivering groovy future rnb breaks time and time again.

You Hid – Toro y Moi

19 September 2017

If we’re going to talk about great songs I have to start of with my personal favorite song Toro Y Moi – You Hid. First of all, distorted guitars… hell yeah. Being surprised by those two chords whenever this song randomly plays is a small blessing. This song makes me feel grounded