Janel Watson

I'm Janel from Vancouver, BC. I have a background in counselling and film. Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember. When I was 8 years old, I became interested in playing piano after watching my best friend play. Seeing her translate scribbles on a piece of paper and magically turning it into music was fascinating and I knew I just had to learn. After self-teaching through a beginner piano book, I proved my interest allowing me to take lessons for 9 years. Aside from piano, another hobby of mine is thrift shopping. I love the positive impact thrifting has on the environment. Finding a unique item is equivalent to hearing a new song; never knowing what to expect and searching with an open mind. I believe music ties the whole world together by being diverse, self-expressive, therapeutic, and heck... just makes you feel awesome!
“I wanted to prove the sustaining power of music”
— David Bowie

Used to Be in Love – The Jungle Giants

31 January 2021

Fall back in love with The Jungle Giants…

Brazil – Declan McKenna

24 January 2021

An indie song worth listening over a Brazillon times…

This Must Be The Place – Sure Sure

13 January 2021

I’m SURE SURE you’ll love this cover! A delightfully tasteful cover…

Buttons – meija

30 December 2020

This indie song is as cute as a button! A steady calm beat that I guarantee will get your head bobbing…

Sunflower – Rex Orange County

17 December 2020

Rex Orange County’s music career is blooming! Sunflower is the ultimate feel-good song to get your groove on to…

Way It Goes – Hippo Campus

10 December 2020

Free your mind with this satisfying and chill indie-pop song!

These Days – Wallows

2 December 2020

These Days is a mesmerizing track perfect for moments where you want to daydream about staring in an indie film

Feeling Lonely – boy pablo

25 November 2020

Pick yourself up with this upbeat song about being alone!

Nervous – Au Gres

13 November 2020

Drift off and put your worries at ease with this calm indie-pop song by Au Gres!

Seventeen – Sjowgren

3 November 2020

Seventeen is that missing puzzle piece type song just waiting to be found. This song fits to almost any mood, especially when you are wanting to uplift your spirits and be reminded to let go and smile!