Brian Tarquin

Unicorn by Kazumi Watanabe

7 October 2021

“Kazumi who??? I know most of you wouldn’t know the name Kazumi Watanabe, however he is a great fusion guitarist from Japan.”

Vielleicht Das Nächster Zeit (Maybe Next Time) by Rainbow

10 September 2021

“An interesting tidbit is the album’s cover, designed by Hipgnosis, was originally intended as the cover for Black Sabbath’s 1978 release Never Say Die!”

Stairway To Heaven by Stanley Jordan

9 September 2021

“Interestingly Jimmy Page originally wrote this song as an instrumental piece, which is exactly the way Stanley interprets the song himself.”

Ballistic featuring Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) & Brian Tarquin

19 August 2021

“Jeff had a very interesting approach for the track, he recorded different textures to start out his solo and then cranked out great riffs.”

Lock & Loaded featuring Gary Hoey & Brian Tarquin

12 August 2021

“Santana was one of the shining acts of the festival, which is saying a lot considering how many incredible artists performed at Woodstock.”

Soul Sacrifice (Live at Woodstock) by Santana

10 August 2021

“He later migrated to the Gibson Les Paul’s then the Yamaha’s and finally to PRS’s that all had double humbuckers.”

Race with Devil on Spanish Highway by Al Di Meola

30 July 2021

“It falls in the Top 10 of best fusion guitar songs of all time and should be in any guitarists collection who worth’s their salt!”

Metropolis – Larry Coryell & Brian Tarquin

27 May 2021

“Let’s just get stoned on this beautiful music man. What I’ve heard so far is great!”

Bourrée – Son of a Bach

20 May 2021

Check out the song “Bourrée” with its neo-classical rock influences and you’ll see what I mean!

Peg featuring Chuck Loeb & Brian Tarquin

13 May 2021

One of the huge movements of course was fusion, which stringed together all of those elements and produced the band Steely Dan.

Demonic featuring Brian Tarquin & Trey Gunn (King Crimson)

6 May 2021

Despite the comic relief of the surrounding area, the wind blew in these fantastic sounds of Seattle bands less concerned with their image and more concerned with their music.

Skippy – Allan Holdsworth & David Hines

16 April 2021

After having a successful career as a contemporary jazz artist and TV/Film composer, I had the crazy impulse to start a record label concentrating on producing records for the artistic value.

Taliban Terror – Brian Tarquin, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal & Reb Beach

9 April 2021

Being moved by the lack of support for returning veterans, I decided to compose a heavy instrumental rock album as a way to show my appreciation to all veterans.

Orlando in Heaven – Brian Tarquin & Hal Lindes

15 March 2021

I composed, produced & performed on this track in memory of the victims from the horrific shooting events that occurred in the Pulse Nightclub June 12, 2016 at 2:02 AM. In fact, my family and I were in Orlando at the time of the shooting.

Cliffs of Dover – Eric Johnson

11 March 2021

Not only was the song great, but the guitar tone and techniques were amazing. The beautiful part was no one else really knew who he was, except for us guitarists.

The Attitude Song – Steve Vai

24 February 2021

I knew Steve from Zappa, but I thought to myself, “Is this the same guy?” because he sure as shit didn’t sound like that on any Zappa records I heard.

Spanish Harlem featuring Frank Gambale & Brian Tarquin

10 February 2021

I always liked Frank Gambale’s style, especially after hearing his 1990 release Thunder from Down Under and his work with Chick Corea’s electric band.

Satch Boogie – Joe Satriani

9 February 2021

“Satch Boogie” is one of those head turning moments for a guitarist that you will never forget by Joe Satriani from his album Surfing with the Alien. I distinctly remember hearing it in college for the first time and running out and buying the album in 1988.

Tocar Madera – Larry Coryell

1 February 2021

I was very fortunate to have worked with the “Godfather of Fusion” Larry Coryell in 2016, only months before his passing. He is one of the most influential guitar players of the 20th Century and beyond. His invention of jazz-rock electric guitar playing in the 1960s, was revolutionary and spurred an entire fusion movement that came of age in the 1970’s.

Room 335 – Larry Carlton

26 January 2021

The 1978 self-titled solo album of Larry Carlton, also known as Room 335, opens up with the song “Room 335” named after his recording studio in Hollywood, CA. The track has always been under contention for borrowing heavily on the Steely Dan song, “Peg”.

Eighteen – Pat Metheny Group

20 January 2021

As a guitarist I always appreciated Metheny’s lyrical melodies, which is a challenge when composing instrumental music to get across to the public. ‘Eighteen’ is a great example of his wonderful infectious melodies and the feel-good vibes that the group always seemed to evoke no matter what direction their improvisations would take them in a song. This is why the album won a Grammy for Best Jazz Fusion Performance; the first of many to come in the next decade.

Meeting of the Sprits- Mahavishnu Orchestra & John McLaughlin

31 December 2020

Mahavishnu Orchestra is the father of fusion and no other song of theirs represents that more than ‘Meeting of the Spirits’ from their debut album The Inner Mounting Flame released in 1971. What’s so special about the album is it features John McLaughlin who just came off of the earth-shattering Miles Davis sessions of Bitches Brew.

Blue Wind- Brian Tarquin, Billy Sheehan, & Doug Doppler

31 December 2020

The groundbreaking instrumental album Wired by Jeff Beck was a huge influence on me in the 70’s with such tracks as “Led Boots”, “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” and of course the classic song written by Jan Hammer “Blue Wind”, one of my all-time favorites.

Techno – John Scofield

21 December 2020

The year was 1986 and it was this song Techno that turned me on to John Scofield, as it appeared on an acetate floppy record that came in an issue of Guitar Player magazine. For those of you who remember, this was standard fair every month in the magazine. It was great way of being turned on to new guitarists in those days-way before the internet, email, Instagram and all of the other geeky nonsense we have today…

Distant Light – Brian Tarquin, Steve Morse, Hal Lindes

15 December 2020

I have a had very fortunate and productive career as an artist and have been blessed by working with some of my guitar heroes. I wrote Distant Light especially for Steve Morse to guest on and being a fellow composer, he appreciated the dramatic strings and emotional feeling the song holds. I also had my dear friend Hal Lindes from Dire Straits add beautiful acoustic and electric guitar parts on the song as well…

Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin

1 December 2020

This track was a must listen for any guitarist in 70’s, not to mention the whole album of Led Zeppelin I. Recorded in 1968 at Olympic studios in London, this track is a masterful work of hard rock British blues!…

Ghostwind – Steve Morse

23 November 2020

In 1989 I heard Steve Morse was back from his stint as a commercial pilot with a new album entitled High Tension Wires featuring Andy West on bass, Rod Morgenstein on drums and T. Lavitz on keys. After purchasing the cassette tape (so I could listen on my Walkman) from my local Record Hunter in NYC, I bought two tickets to his show at The Ritz from Ticketmaster. Here’s the back story:

Steppin’ Out – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton

13 November 2020

I had this great guitar teacher in the 70’s who was a Berkley School graduate named Steve Antonelli in New York City. We found his advertisement on the posted wall in the A&P Supermarket on 86th Street. He used to come to my apartment every week to give me lessons and one of the must have records he recommended was John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, the one with Eric Clapton reading a Beano magazine on the cover…

Third Stone From The Sun – Jimi Hendrix

13 November 2020

When I was a teenager in the 70’s I distinctly remember buying the album Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix and listening to “Third Stone from the Sun.” The song was one of the major catalysts for me to become an instrumental guitarist. Not only does the song take you on a total tonal psychedelic trip, but the guitar melody is unforgettable with those wonderful octaves and expressive tremolo bar phrases…

Eruption – Van Halen

31 October 2020

There is much written about this track as we all know and in view of Eddie Van Halen’s untimely death recently I had to pick this as another track from my teenage days of the 70’s. I had a band at the time in the NY Catskill mountains where my parents had a weekend farmhouse.

Freeway Jam – Jeff Beck

31 October 2020

When the song really got cookin’ I was completely blown away, thinking man I didn’t know you could do that on guitar and even more amazing was it is all instrumental.