Carmine Smith Jr.

Getting lost in the music goes deeper than just plugging your earphones in your ears and vibing out. Music is a spiritual thing in my opinion and sometimes the things we're going through in life are completely overwhelming and music is the thing that allows that weight to come off of your chest and allows you to breathe and soothe and ease your mind. Sometimes, we just need to get lost in the music in order to clear our mind and help us think better and if not to think better, just to give us peace of mind.

Soon As You Get Home – Rose Gold

11 July 2021

Rose Gold is probably a name a few of you haven’t heard before, but it’s a name you should get familiar with QUICKLY. This song, alone, woke me up to her and I am a fan. Music is a very spiritual and emotional thing to me and not just because I’m an artist just because of how music can affect you and take you to another world. This song is the very definition of escapism. It makes you wish you had a boo coming home to you. The way her voice compliments this track is really just beautiful and it is a song that DESERVES to be heard by the masses right this minute and it came out in 2019.

Guide – Kenyon Dixon

10 July 2021

Guide is a special track to me, I can remember listening to the Expectations album for the very first time and amid the hype of songs like Sky’s The Limit or Toxic or Hard Way, which are all outstanding songs as well, Guide was a song that I replay over and over again because of the smoothness and sincerity of the lyrics. Dixon’s pen is crazy but his harmonies on this song are also very beautiful and as an artist, it’s changed the way I listen to music as far as developing background voices.

Love Doesn’t Live Here – T. Jonaè

1 July 2021

Prairie View A&M University student T. Jonaè released this single in February of 2021. The writing on this song was superb and the vocals?????? *chef’s kiss* We don’t hear artists being this vulnerable and being able to emote in a way where you’ve never experienced or went through this pain before but you’re still able to feel and understand everything that Jonaè is singing about.

Until – Kaleem Taylor

1 July 2021

London- native Kaleem Taylor’s style is more of an alternative R&B sound as compared artistic stylings of Kehlani, Summer Walker, Chris Brown, and so on. With that being said, Taylor brings an edge and sound to R&B that we haven’t heard in years and can be compared to artists like Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, and even more recently, Lucky Daye.

Us At Night – Samoht

1 July 2021

Samoht has been making music for years but he first appeared on my radar in 2019 and I was blown away instantly at the vocal talent one person could possibly possess. From his runs to his tone I was impressed and instantly made a fan of his. You can hear the gospel roots in his runs and can tell that is his foundation and with that, his vocals are even made more valid. Samoht is one of those singers who such an authentic tone that when you hear him sing you’re automatically able to identify him.

Let’s Throw It Back!

28 June 2021

A blast from the past, let’s take it back to the greatest age of R&B music – featuring artists like Usher • SWV • Jodeci • Bell Biv Devoe • Faith Evans • Mint Condition • Al B. Sure • Bobby Brown

Superstar – Usher

23 June 2021

As soon as the guitar loop you’re immediately in a state of entrancement; you’re locked in into the Usher Experience. And then, Usher lets out an incredible falsetto run.

Damage- H.E.R

17 June 2021

This song was certified platinum on May 22, 2021. H.E.R. has already been an artist with an incredible future but even in her present, she is achieving basically everything at such a young age!

Damage is one of those that you already knew was a classic on the first listen, it just felt incredibly nostalgic and it was such a call back to the artists that came before her. With it sounding nostalgic, it also sounds like a song you haven’t heard before. You just immediately just relax, this song just had this incredible feeling to put you in this state “Woah”.

And it’s not even a feeling you can describe, it’s just one you HAVE to experience while listening to this song. Congratulations H.E.R. on the platinum certification, enjoy this song!

Up Late

12 June 2021

Can’t sleep? We’ve got you covered come vibe out with Carmine! – featuring artists like Usher • KIRBY • Tank • Chris Brown • Jodeci • Daniel Caesar • H.E.R. • SiR