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Music to Cross the Bosphorus
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The core trio of the band (vocals and percussion: Michal Elia Kamal, santour: Metehan Çifçi, guitar: Julien Demarque) met in 2010, in İstanbul. They started their music career performing on the street, mainly on the famous İstiklal Avenue of İstanbul. After that, Stuart Dickson and Jack Butler joined as support to their stage performances.

The band fuses different cultures. The singer is Israeli from Iranian origin, the santour player is Turkish and the guitarist is French. Their music is the wind blowing from the East to the West, with all sorts of different sounds and languages. However, this wind stops for a while in İstanbul after it is hypnotized by the city’s cosmopolitanism.

“As an example of the multicultural and alternative scene in the Middle East, the band gives through music all the love that it carries in its heart to inspire individual healing with the wish that every human will follow the vision of a world full of diversity, freedom, peace and light.”

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About the curator - Ada Bayramoglu

Ada Bayramoglu - Music to Curator

Ada is a high schooler from İstanbul who cannot be seen without her headphones. She is a “support your local” kind of girl who knows all the best places to drink coffee in her hometown. Her subconscious is full of “Turkish Classical Music”, which she has been listening to since she was born.  She likes everlasting conversations with her friends about music and art. If you don’t know where she is just look at the nearest concert hall and she’ll be there.