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Although he didn't have an outstanding voice, Barış Manço became one of the most popular figures in modern Turkish music history. In a time when his country was swimming in a sea of political madness, he managed to hold back his personal view and reach out to every single possible listener, no matter what origin or religion they were coming from. With his long hair, extraordinary outfits, and every kind of weird accessory, he was a follower of the psychedelic-era style.

With his passionate voice, spiritual lyrics, clever mix of ethnic-folk-rock themes, and sincere character, he was accepted by his people and rose to stardom. His fame wasn't limited to Turkey alone. His songs were translated into many languages such as English, French, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, and Arabic. He was known as a great musician, but he was also a television programmer, a traveler, and the cultural ambassador of Turkey -- but most important of all, he was a man of peace who tried to put love and friendship above all.

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About the curator - Ada Bayramoglu

Ada Bayramoglu - Music to Curator

Ada is a high schooler from İstanbul who cannot be seen without her headphones. She is a “support your local” kind of girl who knows all the best places to drink coffee in her hometown. Her subconscious is full of “Turkish Classical Music”, which she has been listening to since she was born.  She likes everlasting conversations with her friends about music and art. If you don’t know where she is just look at the nearest concert hall and she’ll be there.