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There is so much music out there, and I listen to a lot of it. Still, I’m really grateful for the submissions that come into my inbox via the Music to Conquer Mountains landing page. One of them was a submission by Nigel Powell, mastermind of the project The Sad Song Co. He submitted his new single, “What You Make Of It”, a sweeping progressive rock “Anthem” that reminded me of Genesis’ Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and prog metal masters Tool and Opeth. 

In his function as the drummer of Frank Turner’s touring band The Sweeping Souls, Powell carries the vision of another, but The Sad Song Co. is entirely his own. Worth, his new album out February 9, is a collection of nine songs strung together by Powell’s sincere solemnity and his love for early Genesis and Peter Gabriel. While “What You Make Of It” draws you in immediately with intimate piano chords and get’s you really pumped with its soaring guitar solos in the second part of the song, Worth is an album you need to spend time with. It has so many layers and it’s a joy to peel them apart and discover new facets to the record. 

Powell took the time to answer a couple of questions about his new record, his inspirations and what drives him for our blog. You should definitely check it out - and mark February 9 in your calendar. 

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