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Sometimes all you need is a proper groove, man. A groove, which “Turncoat” by the Seattle based band Pickwick will offer you. The band has been around for almost ten years and after releasing a series of EPs and singles, they finally dropped their debut record Can’t Talk Medicine in 2013. Their follow up full-length, LoveJoys, came out this summer and it’s an album filled with smooth, soulful indie rock songs. Pickwick carefully merge the bluesy vibes of the Black Keys with the funky soul of Mayer Hawthorne and garnish those with slightly psychedelic notes à la Tame Impala. 

“Turncoat" is a perfect example. As the album opener it draws you in with its subtle bass line and a sexy, yet simple guitar lick. Singer Galen Disston transcends the sultry instrumentals with his clear, slightly edgy tenor. And then the chorus hits with it’s glorious, perfect weirdness: We get harmonies, we get fuzzy synths, melodic guitars and the reverb hits and drags us to outer space. 

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