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In my opinion, it’s pretty gutsy to release a record this early in the year. When you release your record in the beginning of the year, you have to be really sure it’s good. Otherwise, people are bound to forget about it. Typhoon have released their fourth full-length record Offerings this past week on January 12th. So, Typhoon they’ve got balls. 

But they also got skills. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the band has been releasing carefully crafted epics since 2005. The eleven-piece uses sprawling arrangements and beautiful layers of melodies and sounds to weave an intricate carpet of indie rock awesomeness. Aside from lead vocalist Kyle Morton, everybody sings in this band. Needless to say they boast instruments ranging from your usual guitar, bass, drums to trumpet, horns and violins. Sounds like something you know? Well, if you dig Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes or Frightened Rabbit, you’ll love Typhoon. 

While molding their songs into sweeping walls of sound, Typhoon still pick up current themes. In “Rorschach”, they describe the constant sensors overload from all the screens around us. “We have all the information now but what does it mean?”, Morton sings, his angsty voice carrying over rhythmic guitar strums before the song builds to the Typhoon-y epic story in the chorus. “All this fiction makes me nervous, turns out it was blood spilled on the canvas we admired just like some Rorschach painting.” Their story telling is concise and clear, their metaphors strong. 

The sincere, serious style carries through the album. It’s definitely a record you’ll want to spend time with and listen closely. Typhoon have a lot to say. 

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