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I’m convinced that East German city Leipzig is a better, more relaxed East London. I know, that is being very specific. But hear me out. German band Elephants on Tape has just released their stunning debut Lightweights this past week, and in my opinion it’s very similar to a British band that has always bored me terribly: The XX. And I swear, I made myself listen to all their records. Still, Lightweights manages to really entice me. Where the London threesome never changes their inflections and their style, Elephants On Tape vary their compositions beautifully, creating a somber and melancholy atmosphere. Still, their songs soar while their London counterparts just, well, drag. 

“Traffic Signs” is a perfect example. The song lives from the calm melodies and subtly complex arrangements, as well as a lightness transcending the earthiness of the theme. Next to the gorgeous instruments are the voices of singers Lisa Zwinzscher and Markus Rom, doubling as a mournful watcher of people. I just love a line from the second verse, where Lisa sings: "I tried to find you in a crowd of crooks and cynics and cineasts” She really enunciates the fuck out of that line, it’s a real pleasure to listen to it.

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