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Pretty soon after moving to New York, I started working for the amazing music company Girlie Action. My fellow employees and my employers soon became a second family to me (we actually had the habit of calling our bosses “the parents”) and some of my clients became dear friends. Even though I never had the pleasure of working with Lucius directly, the band was a longstanding client of Girlie Action and pretty much some of our poster boys and girls. 

Starting with their first EP, their debut album, the second record… I’ve loved everything they put out dearly and seen them play live a lot. And they’re good - so good in fact, they’ve joined Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on tour. He’s also contributed vocals to their new acoustic album ‘NUDES’, which just came out this past week. 

This week’s song, “Dusty Trails”, isn’t off their new record, though, it’s a track from their sophomore album Good Grief. It was released two years ago and it’s one of my favorite. Also, it’s pretty self explanatory why I selected it for my playlist - all mountain trails are pretty dusty. Check out this awesome live version by The Current in the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda. 


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Julia Maehner - Music to Curator

Julia knows two main passions: Music and writing. From an early age she has been making music after a fashion. When she was 13, she sat herself down and decided: “I will be a music journalist. Because I love music and writing.” After a brief intermezzo in New York City working for the music boutique agency Girlie Action as a digital marketer, she moved back to Germany. This experience helped her build her know-how for her marketing client, the IT company .objective Software. She still writes for several German music magazines and is working on launching her own blog, amps on ears.

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