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Growing up, relationships in general made very little sense to me. They were something that adults engaged themselves in, while I was busy getting in trouble at school or teasing my little brother. In my early adulthood, when I knew slightly more about the art of coexisting in close quarters with another person, I looked at relationships from a different point of view. I felt they were very complex and I had a hard time understanding the logic behind most of them. I found myself wondering why people who are clearly just too different for each other get married. It all seemed strange to me. Can’t they see that it’ll never work in the long run? Then finally one day, it all came together in my head, while I was sitting on my back porch staring into a glass of Jack Daniels. I looked at my own life and wondered how I ended up with a person who is basically my opposite, a person who I didn’t understand and who didn’t understand me.

So anyway, what do most people who find themselves in that situation do? Leave? No, they don’t. Rather, they start waiting. First, they wait for their significant other to change. Then, they try to change themselves. After they get worn down by the one-sided effort and sacrifice, they begin waiting for a miracle, while all the while lying to themselves. You see breaking up is a long and hurtful process characterized by waiting. And oddly enough, even once we’ve found the courage to end the relationship that’s wrong for us, we still have to wait to find the resolve to admit that it’s really over and after that, the determination to move on. And it’s this concept of acceptance, coming to grips with what has happened and moving on that our track of the week, Tyler Boone’s brilliant “Waiting” is really all about.

“Waiting” is a triumph in pretty much every respect. Curiously enough, this outstanding track is more a feeling than a song. It weaves aural effects and space together very seamlessly and its haunting melody and touching lyric make you quiet down and think. The track’s mystic atmosphere is created by cleverly produced drums, familiar but powerful chord progression, distorted vocals, compelling guitar licks, vocal harmonies that kick in exactly at the right time and a two-minute jam at the very end that will send shivers down your spine. However, there is much more to this song than its arrangement. “Waiting” is a beautiful tune that’s emotive to the point of nearly bringing tears to your eyes. And the way the song progresses to its climax, growing slowly but surely is very effective. At the end, you feel a little breathless and compelled to listen to it again. Obviously, this is what great songs will do to you: they floor you. And you know what? The best thing about “Waiting” is that it isn’t written to impress anyone – it doesn’t showcase a big chorus, latest production gimmicks or generic state-of-the-art radio sound. Rather, it’s a song that delivers bone-chilling music and lyrics and says, “Listen kid, here’s how real life works. Study closely and maybe you’ll learn something.”

The lyrics of “Waiting” might not mean anything to you if you haven’t lived through a hell similar to what they are describing but if you have, these words will resonate with you and make you sigh as you walk down the memory lane and shake your head in disbelief. These are lines that are very truthful and descriptive, leaving nothing to guess.

I got back early in the morning
Everything seemed so fine
For some reason I felt lonely
I somehow knew you weren’t mine
It doesn’t matter where you go
I’ll always be close and near
And if he takes you higher and higher
I’ll be waiting right here
Waiting right here

Boone’s words are honest but yet considerate and demonstrate maturity. This is a man who has the ability to look at a difficult situation from many different angles, wondering in the midst of his own pain “if you’re the one that’s still healing and I’m the one that’s alright.” These are powerful words from a talented man. And the most impressive touch in the lyrics is the line that ends the middle eight, the one that delivers the age-old wisdom “good things come to those who wait.” When you hear that after all the heartbreak described in the first half of the song, you find yourself wondering whether the protagonist will be able to move on after all or if he’ll continue what he has been doing for such a long time: waiting and hoping against all hope. Just like in real life, the story the lyric tells is open-ended. Brilliant!

Believe it or not, regardless of the heavy topic of failing relationships, I want to attempt to end this review on somewhat of a positive note. And here it comes. If you ever find yourself on your back porch (or somewhere else) staring into a glass of Jack Daniels (or something else), realizing your relationship is over and it’s time to pick up the pieces and move on, remember the following famous quote by Charles Chaplin (who I believe needs no introduction): “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world – not even our troubles.”


Check out the official music video of another Tyler Boone gem “Short Skirt, Bare Knees” – well worth your while!


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