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You know sometimes you just make a hasty decision that you come to regret later when choosing songs to include in your blog or playlist. This is what happened to me when a Brighton-based rock’n’roll band Just Like Fruit sent me one of their songs, “On The Door.” I took a quick listen and passed on it but yet, for some strange reason, the song kept playing in my head. Weeks would go by and I’d decide to listen to the track again. Pretty soon it had made it onto my personal Spotify playlist and I listened to it in the car pretty much every day. I even got a speeding-ticket singing along to the chorus (true story). At this point, I went home and opened the submission email one more time. It was time to give the band and the song the write-up they deserved.

What I like most about “On The Door” is that it is not overproduced or too sleek. It’s an upbeat and sunny rock’n’roll song that’s messy and in control at the same time, bringing to mind the Rolling Stones of the seventies. I love the vocals, the guitar intro, the sixties teen-pop chord progression, which the band strays away from quite cleverly at appropriate intervals, and also the fact that Just Like Fruit is a real rock’n’roll band playing off of each other. Folks, give this track a listen. You cannot program any of this on a computer. This sort of chemistry is something you achieve at the rehearsal pad, not in a computerized studio. I also love the closing hook, “See the sun rise,” which offers the listener a touch of hope after what is a rather sinister lyric.

Here’s what rhythm guitarist Kieran Matthews had to say about the song:

From its opening lines ("I'm tired of singing the same old song, you're making me think I'm doing something wrong”), “On The Door” subtly captures the daily frustrations, ennuis and anxiety experienced by millions of people across the world. We want to change but we feel trapped by the expectations and limitations put down by the people around us – most significantly by those who we love, even after the relationship is over. We struggle to move on from past loves, even if they no longer make us happy, and so we remain nostalgic for what was and who we used to be.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? I guess moving on is so hard because of the emotional investments we make in our relationships. Admitting defeat is difficult. And then there’s the daunting thought of starting over – meeting somebody’s parents, siblings, friends etc. And once again, fighting over the boundaries and the rules of the relationship, the chores and what have you. The older you get, the less appealing this becomes. In fact, you rather live your life a bit discontent than start over.

And then there is the issue of children and money. How badly do you want to be content in a relationship? Badly enough to live without your kids? Badly enough to pay through your nose? I suppose this is one reason why people cheat on their spouses – they selfishly choose the lesser evil. And don’t get me wrong, I am not endorsing promiscuous behavior or infidelity. I’m just saying that at the end of the day, relationships are far from easy and that society doesn’t exactly present us with awards for being honest and honorable. Besides, my dad used to say, “Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” This is a rule I live by and a rule I’ve taught to my kids.

However, to close on a more positive note, I’ll share a personal story with you. I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding with the kids the other day. Jokingly, I asked my four-year-old, who was clearly trying hard to make at least some sense of the movie, what kind of a wife he would marry one day. He told me that he will marry his mother. I explained that he won’t be allowed to do that and that he will meet someone someday who isn’t his mother. “I don’t want to marry a stranger,” Emil said determinedly. “That’s what you think now,” I continued gently, “but just like I married your mother, you will also marry someone one day.” “But it was easy for you!” Emil shouted in frustration. “How do you mean?” I asked. Emil looked at me with his big beautiful eyes and sternly added, “You already knew her!” I started laughing. One day he will understand.


Check out the official music video of “Mama Said” – another very cool track by Just Like Fruit.

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