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Khalid’s “November” is a fresh take on an old adage — the summer love that unravels as winter approaches. It explores a time Khalid fell hard for someone and was blinded by the warmth the summer. As the weather changed, so did his lover’s heart, who quickly dropped him, sending Khalid back to his “lonely city of El Paso.”

While many are quick to try to “win” a breakup, Khalid takes a different approach: Taking his time to be sad. The rejection hit him like a truck, and he’s going to take his time to recover. As he explains:

I feel like people try to move on so fast after breakups, they end up sacrificing their next relationship. They’re like, ‘I’ve got to get over this right now. Because they were so quick to throw me away, I’m gonna make them jealous. They’re gonna see me happy.’ That’s bullshit. It isn’t healthy for the next relationship. It’s like, “You know what, I’m not going to make the other person pay for your loss. I’m gonna prepare myself and make sure I’m good. Then I’m going to move on.
— Khalid
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