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On "Something New", the worlds of Inglewood, California and Cambridge, UK come together in the form of SiR and Etta Bond, uniting for the chorus: "If everything falls apart, I still have you / If I can't find my way back home, we'll make something new."

The lines are subtle, understated, yet powerful, just like SiR himself (who got the name from his grandma, as she wanted to ensure each person who he met respected him). At 31 years old, SiR is just beginning to share his voice with the public. A former engineer and songwriter (credits include Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker and Jill Scott), SiR is used to being in the background. When he first stepped onto the mic himself, his label TDE referred to him as "John Doe 2", hiding his identity. But as comfortable as he is hiding his name or shielding his face behind his dreadlocks, it's impossible to ignore SiR's voice and songwriting ability, which has placed him on lists beside the top modern soul acts of today.

"Something New" comes from his 2018 debut album, November. On it, he details a love that sees two people who want to be committed to each other, even though times are tough for them. Though they may see pain and anger when they look at each other now, they still remember the love they once had and want to end every day together, even if they can't bear to do it in the place they currently call home. 

The track brings together two of SiR's favourite topics: home and love. 

Home has always been special for SiR, but it reached a new level after trying to start his musical career in Hollywood for the first time. "I was tripping out," he told LA Weekly, “I was on drugs, shit like that. I lost my job. I was out there struggling and almost out on the street.” It was moving back in with his mom that saved him. At the same time, the track may be an ode to SiR's parents, who have been mending their love after a long term separation. After years apart, they still call each other the love of their lives, and they're trying to make a life together in a new home. SiR told The Fader, “That’s all you really wish, for your parents especially. You just want them to be happy.” On "Something New", SiR and Etta Bond work through these struggles together. 

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