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The opening guitar riff on "Bed Peace" feels like the sun hitting your face for the first time in the morning. You're squinting, not able to really see anything, but the heat feels good. It's a taste of what's to come. The entrance of Jhene Aiko's voice and drums solidifies the natural wave of happiness washing over you.

"Bed Peace" is a laid back, silky smooth track about the safest place on earth: your bed. It pays homage to the 1969 bed-ins John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged to protest war. Ono released a documentary about the bed-ins earlier this year, and Aiko's music video has her and Gambino acting as the modern Ono and Lennon. 

Aiko originally wrote the song by herself, and left a verse free for her John Lennon. Originally she wanted Drake, but their schedules didn't match up. She met Gambino while out for dinner one night and they clicked. As Aiko explains, "I really know him from his acting, from Community, and I knew that he rapped, but I never really listened and then, of course, I did my homework and I was like ‘You’re dope.’ We sent him the song maybe the next day, and he sent it back within the same day." Together, Aiko and Gambino make a pretty good modern Ono and Lennon.

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