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So here's another ditty from the Eagles of Death Metal.

Just what the doctor ordered to get you singing along on the road to nowhere.

So tell me, is there an unspoken road trip etiquette for your fellow travelers? Maybe, but for me, key point is number of travelers. Funny enough, some of the best roadies I've ever had, have been in near silence, just taking in the ever changing surrounds, shuffling through tracks if you're on shot gun duties... and the odd sing along to a cheesy anthem, but for me there's just nothing worse than someone in the back seat dribbling shit.. If you've been there'll get my drift. So yes it's either two of you at total peace with the vehicle or a full house, like fucking rafters full . A third wheel just plays havoc on the dynamic, mind you ....this rule has been broken countless times. LOL

Your  key companion as a driver will always be your person up front or Shot Gun. These dudes are critical to your survival andSG's should always have another beverage ready for the driver without being asked, roll a smoke, ensure a burger etc is suitably unwrapped and ready to eat, beer is cold, and last but not least, to skip a track when told.

Stay tuned for more Road Trip tracks, tips and dribble.... Enjoy your week.

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