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I've been waiting for an opportunity to have this weeks' track on the list.

My playlist  is basically a virtual soundtrack of what goes through my speakers - so if I have a sudden urge to listen to a track - I do ( said scrabbling through the glove compartment.)

I must admit - if in company, I'll always hear a track out... or at least fade out with the etiquette of a seasoned DJ - when I'm coherent LOL! 

Out on the road though, I'll skip through tracks faster than a double dose of laxatives. 

Anyhow lets cut to the chase..

This weeks track is an old favourite, and a definite neo-classic in my opinion.

Originally hand picked by Husker-Du's front man Bob Mould for his own label that he crowned as one of his catalogues', "strongest singles".  Later it was resigned to "Slash Records" for the complete album, also titled "Fuzzy"and also released. Furthermore it was dubbed favourite album of the year by Michael Stipe of R.E.M...Just two, of the many solid accolades, for an alternative outfit that didn't run in mainstream circles.

I've had my late night conversations about "Fuzzy" and my take on the track - is one of a rocky relationship, the arguments, the lies, the drinking and substances (the fuzzy) and the rekindling on the other side. Regardless of the ambiguity of the lyric, Fuzzy's melancholy post punk and folk rock marriage has me humming away hours after the lights go out. 

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